Must Watch | Sarbat Khalsa :- Sukhpal Khaira’s Call to Punjabis

Must Watch | Sarbat Khalsa :- Sukhpal Khaira’s Call to Punjabis

I call upon the brave Punjabi’s to rise above petty partisan affiliations, to fight tooth and nail the reign of terror, repression and the undeclared state of “Emergency” imposed in Punjab, by the cruel Badal duo :- Khaira

Punjab is currently witnessing one of the darkest era of extreme brutality, repression and a reign of police terror unleashed by the Badal duo, to intimidate, threaten and gag the voice of any dissent or agitation.

Instead of arresting the culprits responsible for sacrilege and desecration of Guru Granth Sahib ji, the junior Badal has embarked upon a vindictive path to browbeat the people of Punjab demanding justice. The Badal duo must realize that the “Sarbat Khalsa” was a culmination of their arrogant, dictatorial and autocratic governance, intolerant to any form of dissent.

It is extremely unfortunate that instead of respecting the sentiments of lacs of people gathered at the Sarba-Khalsa, the junior Badal has taken to “Danda-Raj” and police brutality. First he illegitimately slapped sedition charges and ordered the arrests of dozens of Akali leaders including S.S.Mann, Bhai Mohkam Singh, Bhai Gurdeep Singh, Bhai Dhian Singh Mand and has now begun witch hunting all those who dare to protest his misdeeds.

Yesterday, the Bathinda police has arrested two activists of BKU(Ekta-Ugrahan) group and registered cases against 20 farmers opposing Minister Janmeja Singh. Similarly, the Kapurthala police had slapped section 307 against two dozen Sikh youth and immediately arrested them a fortnight back, merely for opposing the cronies of Badals. So is the case with the youth of Adampur, who dared to oppose SGPC Member Paramjit Singh Raipur, another henchman of the Badals.

S.S.Mann, Jathedar Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwala and other Sikh preachers have now been put under house arrest. On the contrary, Sukhbir Badal is shamelessly protecting those police officers who killed two innocent Sikh youths in police firing at V. Behbal Kalan recently, as the FIR is still against unidentified persons.

In other words, the junior Badal has curbed the fundamental right of Freedom to Speech with an iron hand, besides censoring all kinds of independent media in the state. The government is also blatantly indulging in illegal phone tapping of all its political opponents.

It’s a matter of great shame and pity for the senior Badal who often claims to have fought emergency in 1975, for imposing undeclared emergency in Punjab, by gagging the voice of people and the media.

In the same breath, I also warn the newly appointed DGP Mr. Suresh Arora not to become a handy tool and a frontman to carry out the misdeeds and unconstitutional orders of a power drunken leader like Sukhbir Badal, who has completely lost the mandate of the people. I dare both the Badal’s to venture out in any part of the state, without their heavy security paraphernalia to check their popularity.

I also condemn the new terminology of “anti-national” and “terrorists” adopted by the junior Badal to intimidate and push his political opponents in jails. Let him clarify, whether his father who burnt a copy of Article 25 (B) clause 2 of the constitution on 27th February 1984 before the Parliament was “anti-national”? Or wasn’t Mr. Badal “anti-national”, when he submitted a memorandum in 1992 to the then visiting Secretary General of UNO Mr. Boutras Boutras Ghali in New Delhi, demanding a sovereign Sikh state of Khalistan? Or was it not “anti-national” on the part of Mr. Badal to instigate and create a one lac strong force of “Marjiwara’s” before the Akal Takhat in 1982, to fight the Indian state?

Therefore, keeping in view the anarchical state of undeclared emergency imposed in Punjab by the present Badal government, I appeal to all right thinking secular people of Punjab to rise above petty partisan politics, groupism, caste, color and creed to fight this repression, blatant violation of human rights and reign of terror let loose upon the people. For this I vow to undertake a mission to shortly hold an emergency meeting of all such right thinking people and groups, to chalk out a peaceful programme to oppose tooth and nail the police atrocities and the “Jungle-Raj” of the Badal clan.

Sukhpal Singh Khaira



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