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Muslim Girl Release From Kidnapper by Singh’s

Sikh men SAVE a Muslim girl from her captor!!!

Any likes/shares = Respect to the Singhs!!

A Muslim man brought this young girl who is aged under 18 from Kashmir to Punjab under false pretences.

She is then held captive by the 40 year old man and is beaten and sexually exploited for over 3 months!!!

The Singhs hear of this incident and immediately land at the scene….

After confirming the story …the Singhs beat the captor and free the Muslim girl…

The captor is made to apologise and is then handed over to the authorities…..and the Singhs then escort the girl back to her home in Kashmir!!!!

RESPECT to these Singhs!!

The Sikhs have been FREEING Hindu and Muslim girls for Centuries!!!


We would like to highlight that in the UK many Sikh girls are victims of Pakistani Grooming gangs…who are sexually exploited/blackmailed……we KNOW that these people can’t be real Muslim men….BUT we have a question WHY don’t the REAL Muslims that must hear about a gang/individual that is targeting one of these girls do something about it?

Muslim girl release from kidnapper

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