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DSGMC de Pardhan Manjit Singh GK Ne Film SANTA BANTA Nu Release Kron lae 2 Crore di Rishwat mangi

D.S.G.M.C De pardhan( Manjit singh GK) ne film SANTA BANTA PVT LTD nu release karwan layi mangi Rs. 20000000 ( 2 crore) di( claim) rishwat.
Adv Harvinder kaur (Supreme court) jehde SIKH JOKES( etc.) de khilaaf kalle hi jung ladd rhe ne, ajj di important hearing ton baad khulasa karde hoye DSGMC de vakeel ne jaanbhujh ke taiyari na honn da bahana laya jiss karke court ne case agli date(after 6 weeks) paa diti hai. Je ajj koi notification issue ho jandi tan automatically Film santa banta pvt ltd te ban lagg jana si.

Sikhan da mazak uddaon wali eh film hun shyad kujh edit ton baad 22 april nu release ho javegi jiss di jimmewar DSGMC hovegi…..

Sangaton JAAGO, ethe koi saada nhi….
Full Detail layi eh video vi Dekho

In the Indian Supreme Court, Advocate Harvinder Kaur Chowdhury had filed a PIL in Aug 2015. It was accepted by the court & till the month of Jan,2016, various hearings were undertaken & on that basis the court had observed that Sikhs have contributed much above their number in India, and the jokes made against have to be banned. They wanted to get the suggestions from the Public to find the modus operandi for such ban . The date was fixed for 05.04.2016. In between SGPC & DGPC filed their independent cases under the same subject . The supreme court fixed all the cases on the same date . Today advocate Harvinder kaur had her case ready for hearing but both the other parties asked for 6 weeks adjournment. The case which was ready for finalization got delay for which all the Sikhs were very disturbed. According to their opinion both the Gurudwara parties should not have filled the independent cases but should have helped the original case filled by Mrs. Harvinder Kaur.

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