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Sikhism :- Khalsa Aid Sikhs Helping the Iraq Border


 khalsa aid  sikhs helping the iraq border.:

.Khalsa Aid has delivered food, blankets, clothes and water to over 150 Yezidi refugee families. Many of these families have had their family members kidnapped by ISIS. We are planning a joint long term project with Khalsa Aid to assist the Yezidi refugees. They  provides the all needs that they wants…Khalsa Aid has helped us with food, school furniture, school books, firewood and many other items for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon since 2014. Thank you Khalsa Aid. Khalsa Aid will continue to support with:

  • Flood defences (sandbags etc.)
  • Volunteers to support clear-up operations
  • Hot vegetarian meals to all those who need them

UK floods:

Khalsa Aid volunteers have been actively supporting the floods relief in Cumbria, Yorkshire and Lancashire.We have provided 4000 sandbags, 1000s hot meals, substantial amount of cleaning items and considerable manpower for the clear up operation..


Khalsa Aid in Yemen:


As the war rages on in Yemen, the public continue to face severe food shortages.

Khalsa Aid is working closely with local grassroots organisations in Yemen to distribute food. Each food parcel contains: 25Kgs of Wheat, 5Kgs of Rice, 5Kgs of Sugar and 2 Ltrs of cooking oil per family.

Thank you for supporting Khalsa Aid.


Khalsa Aid has been on the ground supporting victims of the Nepal earthquake since the 25th of April.




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