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Khalistan announced Day’s 29th anniversary – video

Digitally remastered video of Sarbat khalsa in 1986 at darbar sahib (golden temple). That shows approx half a million members of the Sikh community at the Golden Temple beginning the process of tearing down the government built akal takht (parliament of the Sikh nation) and rebuilding it by Sikh funds only. Also at this event the community declared Independence of their homeland from the Indian Union. After the genocidal state terror attacks from the Indian Unionist Congress Party Govt in the form of operation blue star and anti-sikh pograms in New Delhi in which over 5,000 innocent Indian Sikh civilians were systematically brutally murdered in 3 days by govt sanctioned congress party

 Read More on this link in punjabi http://wp.me/p5R8bk-5c5



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