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Journalist Surinder Singh is Currently Held Detainee At Ambala Jail.

.Offical Face book Page Surinder Singh – Talking Punjab

“The state uses the media as a tool of oppression, so that when a community is attacked, its people, its leaders, and its coming generations are silenced completely. At those times, instead of portraying the struggles of these oppressed people, the media paints them as terrorists.”

Surinder Singh, Sikh journalist, February 2015

Today, Surinder Singh, a Sikh journalist, was arrested and is currently being held in Ambala jail illegally. Surinder Singh worked as a journalist for 10 years in Delhi for various media outlets such as Zee TV, All-India Radio, and AIN. When he was 14 years old in Punjab, he was sent by his family to check on some cattle that had wandered off. He was arrested by the Indian government’s CRPF (Central Rerserve Police Force) and detained. When his father came looking for him, his father was also arrested and beaten before his eyes. The police put a gun to Surinder Singh’s head and told his father to dance before them, or else they would shoot. Later in his life, while working as a journalist, he noticed that the content of the news in India would be altered in a biased manner against Sikhs before being sent out to the masses. It was at this point that he went from simply being a journalist to being a Sikh journalist. Today, he is best known for his news show Talking Punjab, which covers issues and news relevant to Sikh struggles, such as Bapu Surat Singh Ji’s hunger strike.

Surinder Singh has said that social media is the best way to resist the mainstream Indian media’s oppressive portrayal of Sikh struggles and the Sikh community. Khalistan Activist Federation urges you to share this post to raise awareness about Surinder Singh’s unlawful arrest and use the hashtag ‪#‎FreeSurinderSingh‬. Without journalists like Surinder Singh and others, who are representing the Sikh voice, we will be silenced–our struggles and history lost and forgotten. We must speak up now to defend those who speak for us.



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