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Join Sikhs in Burning All Symbols of Indian Occupation | Sikhs Will No Longer Tolerate Slavery

Join Sikhs in Burning Tiranga Flag of India | Sikhs Will Never Accept Indian Occupation
Join Sikhs For Justice in burning all symbols of Indian Occupation on 1st April 2016 at 11 AM in Washington D.C., at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. Criminal prime minister Narendra Modi will be visiting for the Nuclear Security Summit.




I hate India…because India Killed my Grandfather…join us burning flag and constitution of india in Washington, D.C. April 1st

“For the independence of South Asia, the Sikh Nation gave the most. The liberation of Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and India all came from our sacrifies. When it came time to have our own kingdom, our leaders naively believed the Indian promises. From 1947 onwards, we were systematically targeted, exterminated, called criminals, our religious identity and religious beliefs denied, our mother tongue Punjabi denied. But no more, the Sikh Nation will not accept Indian Occupation. They have comitted Genocide against our people, they have denied us our legal right to independence.

Their symbol of oppression and their illegal occupation is their Constitution and flag. We will no longer honor this flag, and around the world we will burn this flag, for it is a sign of oppression and denial of our fundamental rights. As this flag burns, so too will the government that occupies our land. We will become an independent country. We will free ourselves of oppression, denial of justice. We will make our own army, own police system, own court system. We will no longer beg for Justice, we will get it ourselves. To do this, we must liberate our country. We must become and establish our independent nation state. We must become an independent country, then the world will understand, countries around the world will respect us, and Sikh lives all around the world will be safe. Until then we are in danger, we must all come together and work together to make sure Punjab becomes an independent country, and the world knows Sikhs will no longer accept Indian Occupation of our native land.”

  • S. Jatinder Singh Grewal, Director of International Policy, Sikhs For Justice


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