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Jammu | Sikh Protest Against Sakshi Bhardwaj (Openly abusing on Sikhism)

Sikh Youth Sewa Trust, Jammu today conducted Peaceful Protest against abusive language used on Social Media to divide humanity on the basis of casteism and religion.

A social media profile by the name of Sakshi Bhardwaj has been spewing venom for the Sikh of Jammu. The girl is featuring in various videos is claiming that she belongs to Udhampur town of Jammu and Kashmir. She has been using abusive language against the sikh youth of Jammu and Kashmir.

Jammu live Sikh koom nal social media te mazak karan wali kudi nu police di tarfon arrest karan di sikh youth sewa trust walon mang kiti gayi…Aur nal di nal sikh veera ne eh v keha ki agar police es kudi nub2 din de aander arrest nahi kardi te sikh nowjwan veer es kudi da sodha aap lawange..



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