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Video-Jammu Sikh Conference About Bhai Jasjeet Singh Murder ;Police Fires With Ak47 Bullet

Local Sikh elders raise a complaint at the police station, and put the posters back up.

4th June 2015: The SAME police officer tears the posters down again and walk over them.

Sikh community reacts by holding a PEACEFUL demonstration, which is attended by the elderly, children and women.

Police officer then crouches down and starts to fire STRAIGHT at the sitting crowd with an AK47 with NO WARNING and live ammunition!!

Killing one Sikh man, Bhai Jagjeet Singh on the spot and severely wounding 3 others!

The injured are taken to nearby Hospitals….the doctors REFUSE to treat them!!
The 3 are then taken to Amritsar to be treated.
(Please see video of the victims stating exactly what happened.)

Curfew is imposed in Jammu and 3000 border military are drafted in to uphold the curfew.

5th June 2015: Sikhs hold mass protests…..THIS is when this picture was taken.

Masrat Alam the police officer who murderd the Sikh man in cold blood is arrested and charged. Other officers are also booked.

6th June 2015: The family of Bhai Jagjeet Singh dress the body in bridegroom’s clothes to symbolise the marriage to death ie attaining martyardom before he is cremated.

10,000’s attend the funeral and then the Shaheedi Smagam later that day.




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