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Jaggi has Been Held 101 Days without Charge | 25th “Preliminary Hearing” | #FreeJaggiNow

12 February 2018
Jaggi will be presented at court today in his 25th “Preliminary Hearing”.

Jaggi has been held 101 days without charge.

  • No investigation of torture
  • No Charges
  • No private consular access
  • Restricted access to legal team

Indian police, agencies and courts continue to violate Jaggi’s rights, denying due process, and operating without transparency.


Today marked 101 days in detention without charge for Jaggi.

In these 100 days, the world has seen the Punjab Government allowing their police force to violate the human rights of Jaggi and disregard their own legal system to systematically hide any signs of torture. They have also tried to keep Jaggi away from the media and his lawyer for as long as possible.

It has been lie after lie and this all started with the Chief Minister himself. We are still waiting to see this so called evidence he claimed to have. The judiciary has favoured the Government at every opportunity and even the UK Government has been too slow to react to investigate the allegations of torture.



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