ISIS Viral Video :- Terrorist Killed During Interview | Islamist Jihadi Hit By Mortar Shell Mid-interview

This footage shows reporter Ahmed Abu Hamza and an Ajnad al-Sham commander killed by Syrian Arab Army strike filming an interview in which the jihadist reported on militants forces’ success in Syria’s Hama province. Both the jihadist and man taking his interview are reported to have been killed

Karma is a real, and this man may well have totally deserved it. An ISIS terrorist was recording a video and thanking Allah for helping them do what they are doing and in a matter of seconds an air strike drops blows him up into pieces!

Yes you read correctly!! This may sound like it has come straight from a movie plot, but watch the video to see it for yourself. The video has gone viral online via social networks and messaging platforms and has quickly become the week’s most watched video.


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