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India bans Facebook Page of Sikh Website 16K like page is Ban in india this is 5th Page

1). Sikhs For Justice


3).June 84 Movement

4). Sikh24.Com

4).Now Facebook page of stands blocked in India.

Please Like new Page of Khalsa force :-

In yet another bid to contain Sikh diaspora activism, the Indian government has blocked Facebook page of a Sikh website This page titled as ‘Khalsa Force’ (url: has more than 16,416 Likes (or followers).

Page of Khalsa Force blocked in India
Page of Khalsa Force blocked in India

Banned in India

Page of Khalsa Force blocked in India


As per information Khalsa Force is involved in some rehabilitation projects in Punjab, including rebuilding of houses for families of Sikh shaheeds and victims of state opression.

It is notable that Facebook pages of “Sikhs For Justice” (a US based Human Rights and Advocacy Group) NeverForget84,and “June 84 Movement” (a US based groups of Sikh community organizations) are also blocked in India.

These Facebook pages are accessible outside India. It is interesting to note that websites of Sikhs For Justice and KhalsaForce are still accessible in India.

Khalsaforce new Facebook Page is – click here



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