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In Punjab Beadbi Of Dastar and Kesh | Another Incident of Gundagardi | ‪#‎BandarSena‬ ‪#‎HinduTerrorism‬

Day by Day attacks on Sikhs are increasing in India by Bander Sena. Few days back Hindu Terrorists threaten Sikhs to kill them before 25th May in the same way as they did in 1984. The video went viral on social media but the administration did not take any action.
Since Hindu Suraksha Samiti and All India Hindu Students Federation announced plans of ‘Lalkar’ (challenge) rally from Chandigarh to Amritsar on May 25, tension has been brewing in the social media.

On the social media, in one video, a Hindu leader is seen challenging Sikhs in Punjab and raising slogans. “We had earlier eliminated Sikhs and we will do the same now. We will not let the budding separatists to raise their heads,” says the Hindu leader, adding that they would take out a Lalkar Rally to Amritsar on May 25. In response, Accepting the ‘challenge’, the Sikh group has warned of stopping them at Beas.

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