Operation Blue Star 1984Touching Sikh Stories

6th June 1984 | Hit By the Indian Army’s Bullets | During Non-Stop Kirtan Duties Inside of the Darbar Sahib | Member of Akhand Kirtani Jatha

Because of heavy firing and bombardment by the Indian army no regular kirtani could perform the non-stop Kirtan duties inside of the Darbar Sahib.

At that point, Bhai Avtar Singh Ji (member of Akhand Kirtani Jatha), had come earlier to pay his respects and was already inside the Darbar Sahib, got caught up in the barbaric attack carried out by it’s own government army . He took the opportunity and blessing of DHAN Guru Ramdas Ji and starting performing the Kirtan himself.

As the hours of doing the Kirtan went by, he was hit by the Indian army’s bullets from inside the Darbar Sahib and attained Shaeedi (martyred) .


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