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Bhai Harpreet Singh Makhu Live Statement About Attack

Watch Live Video Of Bhai Harpreet Singh Makhu Statement About Attack

14 august nun Bhai Harpreet singh makhu principal swarn singh chooslewala di interview krn ton bad vapis ghar aa rhe san tan mkhu to zeera road ton 10 km gaye tan ikk swift dizire gaddi ne nal lga ke ikk fire kita fer ohna gaddi agge lga ke lgar tar 6 golian chlaeean…..

eh sari ghatna bhai sabh nal baithe ohna de camraman ne apne camre ch record kr lai…

gaddi number SWIFT DESIRE PB 29 R 0980 hai ..benti hai ke iss post nun share kro tan jo doshi fde ja sakan

Katha is the verbal explanation/discourse of Gurbani (the utterings of the Guru’s) and our great history. Katha has been an integral part of Sikh practice since the revealed inception of Sikhism by Sri Guru Nanak Dev Jee.

Sri Guru Nanak Dev Jee and great Sikhs of his era performed Katha and it was and is still through Katha that many people gain knowledge about Sikhism and become enlightened. Katha is both a spiritual and historical discourse, it endows the listener with spiritual and worldly knowledge, and helps Sikhs along the path of Sikhi.


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