Harminder Singh Receives Bail In 2009 Arms & Explosives Case In Raikot

Harminder Singh Receives Bail In 2009 Arms & Explosives Case In Raikot

Today, a Ludhiana sessions court judge granted bail to Harminder Singh and set two bail bonds of 1 lakh Rs each. The case was registered in June 2006 under the UAPA and Arms & Explosives Act. Raikot police alleged RDX explosives and detonators were found on Harminder Singh.

Sikh Relief (SOPW) have been financing Harminder Singh’s family and prison welfare costs and our team member, Gurpreet Singh Khalsa was present at the court today. Advocate Jaspal Singh Manjhpur, who represented him in court, said no evidence had been produced in court against Harminder Singh and as well as today’s bail, Harminder Singh has been acquitted in seven other fabricated cases placed on him – including bomb plots at Ludhiana’s Shingar Cinema, Ambala and Patiala. PLEASE NOTE: there is one case pending against Harminder Singh, which looks likely to reach a conclusion in August. Until then he will remain behind bars in prison.

There is a serious lack of faith in India’s justice system, where double standards are applied to different communities and the judiciary is used by corrupt statesmen to make their own political manoeuvres. Cases such as Harminder Singh, prove that innocent men are buried under false cases to ensure they spend the rest of their lives fighting to clear their name.

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