June 1984 opration blue star

This Gursikh Family Sacrificed Everything They Had During The Indian Army’s Brutal Attack On Darbar Sahib In June 1984

At the age of 40, Bhai Mohar Singh and his family; wife Bibi Pritam Kaur and two daughters Satnam Kaur and Waheguru Kaur , sacrificed everything they had in order to protect their faith, which they had so much love and devotion for.

Born into a Brahmin Pandit family, Mohar Singh adopted Sikhi prior to the Indian Army assault on the Harmandar Sahib complex in June 1984. He was moved by the teachings of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and this inspiration led him to adopt the Gursikh life as prescribed by Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

June 1984 opration blue star

During the attack on Darbar Sahib, Mohar Singh and his family did an Ardas asking for Shaheedi, the ultimate sacrifice and God given gift. Mohar Singh was told by General Shahbeg Singh, the mastermind behind the Sikh defences, to take up his position at the spot where Shaheed Baba Deep Singh had placed his head at the feet of Guru Sahib, after fighting and defeating the invading forces of Jahan Khan who had desecrated the Darbar Sahib.

Meanwhile, Pritam Kaur and her two young children helped the Singh’s by refilling the ammunition and bringing in food and water for the Sikh defenders. When the time came, Mohar Singh and his young family strapped several grenades to themselves and while shouting Jaikaray, they ran towards the tank leading the army assault and as jumped upon it, instantly blowing it to pieces. Because of this Gursikh family’s daring act, the other tanks which followed behind could not get passed and could not inflict yet more damage. The sacrifice of this family emboldened the others to continue the fight to the end in defense of the sacred Akal Takhat.


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