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Sikh Relief :- A Long List Of False Cases Were Registered Against Gurjant Singh Release After 5 Years & 2 Months In Prison


The horrific events of 1984 and the Sikh movement that followed may seem like history now, but the deep scars and impact on peoples lives continues to this day. Torture, fake-encounter killings and manipulation of the news through State propaganda are all tools utilised by the government to suppress and oppress any free-thinking people.

Thirty-six year old Gurjant Singh from the village of Jangpura in Banoor was a happily married and well settled Gursikh. In July 2010, Ludhiana police came to arrest him from his home. For three days and nights, his family did not know what had become of him. In fact, the police were unleashing extreme levels of torture on Gurjant Singh, using the Panjab police ‘favourites’ -electric shocks and ripping the thigh muscles by rolling heavy logs down the legs.

In the end, Gurjant Singh was framed for supposedly harbouring a criminal, Harminder Singh ‘Mulanpur’, who was wanted in connection with the 2007 Shingar Cinema bomb blast case. So on 18 July 2010, his arrest was shown from Khanna city centre and he was sent to prison under the Arms & Explosives Act.
While he was in Ludhiana Jail, the police demanded further police remand during which time they framed further false charges of involvement in the Ambala bomb blast also. During one of the court hearings in the Ambala case, the police were a little heavy-handed with the accused in response to which Gurjant Singh and his fellow Sikhs shouted slogans of ‘Long live Khalistan!’ This basic freedom of speech, cost Gurjant Singh a further two fabricated charges – one more in Ambala and another in Patiala.

Seperate courts cleared Gurjant Singh in both the Ambala bomb blast cases and in the Patiala case. However, he was sentenced by a Ludhiana court on 18th September 2015, for his alleged involvement in the Shingar bomb blast. But, the judge declared the sentence to be ‘spent’ due to time already served.
Sikh Relief welcome back Gurjant Singh after losing more than five years of his life. Most Panjabi’s struggle to keep up with the cost of living, but during this time Gurjant Singh’s family found themselves in an even more difficult situation. With the Sangat’s support, Sikh Relief were there for them providing; legal aid, prison welfare costs, family maintenance including father Sevak Singh and mother Pritam Kaur and paying the education fees for Gurjant Singh’s three young children.

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