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Gang Raped by Jat Agitators :- 10 Proof’s of Women Dragged from Cars, Allegedly Gangraped in Murthal

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar’s police completely rejected even the faintest possibility of gang-rapes near a famous eatery in Murthal until high court intervention. The state government team said that the investigation in the atrocious crime couldn’t find any corroborative evidence to the media report that at least 10 women, who had been travelling on the highway, were dragged from their cars to adjoining fields and gang-raped by Jat agitators. In the absence of a complaint, police have been in a denial mode. But eye-witnesses say, the police themselves dissuaded the victims to pursue the matter.

When ABP News reached the spot, they found burned carcasses of cars put on fire by Jat vandals. When they looked around the vehicles, they found the entire area had clothes of women strewn around — intimate clothing like bras, underwear, pants, leggings and jeans, seemingly torn off the wriggling victims. Instead of going deep in the horrific crime, the police tried to explain this with a ridiculous theory that the escaping women would have left the clothes on roads. Not to question the logical reasoning of the police, but finding women’s underwear at places where reports of gang-rapes were emerging didn’t ring a bell for them? Or they willfully ignored apparent proofs that a crime did take place?

Police’s job entails prevention of crime, in which they failed miserably. Another aspect of police’s KRAs is to ensure that the victim is encouraged to file a complaint. But, they were reportedly dissuading the victims. Their duty was to find whether the crime took place or not and who were responsible instead of sweeping a horrific crime that exposes the very character of Jat reservation ‘movement’ under the carpet. Our logical reasoning suggests that someone high and mighty may be burning midnight oils to pass wanton violence as ‘movement’.

Gang Raped by Jat Agitators :- 10 Proof's of Women Dragged from Cars, Allegedly Gangraped in Murthal

A movement (andolan in Hindi) has a purpose of existence and it brings about a tectonic shift in the perception of the society. It brings radical changes that are considered to be in the larger good. Like the quit movement that brought independence to us, or the Jay Prakash movement that resisted the dictatorial designs of a politician. Even the Lokpal movement (though many would not call it a movement) gave us a prospective alternative to the political left, right and centre. All these unrest were against the establishment (not state) and were largely peaceful. The so-called Jat ‘movement’ is a movement with difference. Here people of other communities were killed, vehicles and shops gutted to fire and women reportedly dragged out of cars and gang-raped. All the hell broke loose on people who were not-Jats.

An Indian Express report said that most of the shops set on fire in Jhajjar district were of non-Jats. In some cases, shops of Jats were the only shops not harmed in the market. Four non-jats were killed in the violence. In Rohtak also, non-Jats were targeted. The entire city was gutted in fire. The modus operandi was same—spare the Jats and annihilate the non-Jats.

The reported rapes, the arson, the caste-violence occurred to fulfill a narrow objective- reservation in jobs and educational institutions. The violence was against all the other castes, the government, the judiciary, the very idea of the country. Rs 34,000 crore set on fire for reservation, clearly when they didn’t deserve it. Isn’t it a war against the nation?

Despite the facts that lay bare before the world, Khattar government chose to reward the rioters, the rapists and the killers by announcing a separate quota for the Jats. Not only did the Khattar government rewarded them, but is now shielding them from the law. All in the name of vote bank politics.

The alacrity the police displayed to dismiss Murthal gang-rapes as rumours without thorough investigation shows Haryana government’s reluctance to call a riot ‘a riot’. They acknowledge that the rapes can’t be a part of a movement. And in the public eye, it would be detrimental to reward riots. So, they are hell-bent on passing this off as a ‘movement’.

Khattar government seems to regard the violence as movement. A movement that deserved victory. Khattar government showed with their actions that they were in favour of reservation from the outset of the stir, in fact before the stir. The Supreme Court prevented them. All they needed was violence to act in the favour of Jats.
The big question that remains is that when Hardik Patel was sent to jail under sedition charges by the BJP government in Gujarat for rioting, what is that is stopping the Khattar government to crackdown on Jat leaders?

Is it because, the Khattar government doesn’t want to tarnish a ‘movement’ to safeguard their vote banks? Is this because police were not ready to admit a crime before even investigation?

When the BJP government announced 5 per cent reservation for Gujjars in Rajasthan , the stir for reservation began in Gujarat. Now, since the government has given in to violence, many more such ‘movements’ will raise head and bite innocent people. The reality is that the BJP has dug its own grave by rewarding the rioters, for this is not the end of the blood-shed but a start, in Haryana and many other states. via ABP News


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