Fake Encounter Of Sikh Student By Police In Karimnagar

26-year-old techie was shot by police on Tuesday after he attacked more than 20 people, including his parents, with a sword in Karimnagar, officers said.
Balvinder Singh, an MCA graduate working with a software firm in Bengaluru, was reportedly depressed. He picked up the sword after an argument with his father, the police said.
A police officer opened fire at him after repeated appeals to him to drop the sword went unheeded, the police said.

Balvinder’s father suffered deep gashes on the head while his mother was stabbed in the abdomen. “Her hand is almost severed, and she has serious stab wounds on her stomach. She is in a critical condition,’’ Karimangar Additional SP (Operations) Subbarayudu said.

Balvinder came home last week and, according to his father’s statement to the police, was depressed as he could not crack the civil services exam. He was also upset with his job.

According to the police, at around 6.30 am on Tuesday, Balvinder attacked his father Amrit Singh with a sword after an altercation. When his mother tried to stop him, he attacked her too. Then he ran out into Lakshminagar Street, where he lived, and randomly slashed at passers-by, particularly autorickshaw drivers, with the sword.

“Many suffered serious injuries on their heads and chest. By the time the police arrived, a crowd had gathered but no one dared to go near Balvinder. When he did not find anyone to attack, he smashed the windshields of vehicles parked in the lane. We appealed to him several times to drop the sword. When some policemen tried to apprehend him, he attacked them too, injuring two of them. After this, the Circle Inspector opened fire. Balvinder was shot in the shoulder and chest and he succumbed to his injuries at the hospital,’’ Subbarayudu said

The police are yet to ascertain if Balvinder was on medication for depression. “Both his father and mother are in no condition to speak.

While being rushed to hospital, his father said his son was upset and depressed,’’ an official said.

Balvinder’s father is a bus driver while his mother teaches at a Sikh community school.

Many from the local Sikh community gathered at the hospital after the incident. “We are wondering if it was necessary to shoot to kill. They could have fired at his legs. He was a brilliant student and had a good job,’’ Pavinder Singh, a friend of Balvinder, said. Source from Indiaexpress.com


full protest is going on in karimnagar

sardarji was in depression   took sword and injured some people   police took charge and shoot him directly on the chest and he died  sardarji of karim nagar want justice why the police directly shooted himfake in

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