Sev sena di fukria

Exposed :- Shiv Sena Leader Staged Own Attack for Own Gunmen

The firing incident in which Shiv Sena district president Deepak Kamboj was injured in the leg was a “drama” staged by the victim, police alleged Friday.
Kamboj, who is son of Shiv Sena North president Vinay Jalandhari, was attacked by two bike-borne accused on February 16 near Shiv Jyoti Park where he was going to fetch his children from school.
The two accused in the case have been arrested. Police said they were Kamboj’s friends and were the ones who fired at him.
Kamboj, too, has been booked for criminal conspiracy. He is alleged to have helped the two accused with the licence for the firearm which was used in the firing. He is also alleged to have helped the two get a second licence after the incident.
The police said the shootout was staged to enable Kamboj claim more security and an escort vehicle.
The development came three days after the appointment of ADGP, Internal Vigilance, Prabodh Kumar to investigate the six attacks on the Shiv Sena leaders in the recent past in Punjab. Earlier, failing to obtain any clues in the case, police had announced a Rs 5 lakh award to anyone offering information about the incident. Jalandhar police commissioner Arpit Shukla said the two accused, Gaurav Sondhi and Supinder Singh Shampy, have been arrested. Shukla said they had admitted that the firing drama was enacted by the victim himself to get more security as well as an escort vehicle ahead of elections. They also informed that Kamboj had promised them weapon licences. Via


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