The Manuscript section contains complete images of the 18th century hand written

Download PDF | Puratan Saroop Of The Sri Guru Granth Sahib Manuscript |1714 A.D.

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User’s Guide

We hope that this section will make your use of this program easier. It provides a
brief overview of all the components and will enable you to make effective use of this
research tool.
Introduction Overview
The Introduction Overview has been put together by Dr. Gurcharan singh, Retired
Professor of Punjabi University, Patiala. It will enable you to carry out a comparative
study of the handwritten Manuscripts of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib and our contemporary
standard Bir.

Page Index

The index that is included in this research tool is part of the manuscript. This index
can be used as a rough guide to navigate through the manuscript.


The Manuscript section contains complete images of the 18th century hand written
Sri Guru Granth Sahib manuscript. You can view each page separately or a series of
pages at one time.


Although each image consists of two pages, the manuscript, including the page index
is numbered only on the right hand corner of the right page.
There are two page-numbering schemes that have been applied to the document, one
for the page index and another for the actual manuscript.
In order to navigate through the page index, use the page number console at the lower
left hand side of the page and type in ‘index page’ followed by the number. There are
36 pages in the page index, so for example if you wanted to view page 10 of the page
index you would type: index page 10.


· Page(Ang) 417 is followed by page 434 (Bani is continuous)
· Page(Ang) 642 is followed by 13 unnumbered pages and is then
followed by page 657, (bani is continuous).
· Page 659 is missing.


With the blessings of Akal Purkh, this project was conceived and executed under the
banner of Professor Sahib Singh Gurmat Trust, Patiala, as commemoration of the 400th
Purbh of the Parkash of Sri Guru Granth Sahib.
We would firstly like to acknowledge all those individuals and institutions that provided
us with access to their Manuscripts.
· For digitizing old saroops from different places:
Singh Sahib, Professor Manjit Singh Ji, Ex-Jathedar of Takhat Sri Keshgarh Sahib,
Anandpur Sahib, President of the Trust

.Sardar Attinderpal Singh Ji, Ex-MP Patiala.
Sardar Amar Singh Ji, Industrialist Patiala.
· For designing and programming of the CDs:
Ms Indheep Kaur, United Kingdom, London
Sardar Jaipreet Singh, Canada, Toronto
Sardar Harpreet Singh, Chandigarh
representing Fateh.
· All the Trustees and the team of research scholars of Professor Sahib Singh Gurmat
Trust for their solid backing for all the projects of the Trust.
· Doctor Harbans Lal, President of Guru Granth Academy, USA.
· Doctor K.S.Thind, USA, for technical advice.

As per the aim of the Trust we are providing through these CDs basic research too is
for the micro-study of the compilation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and to facilitate a
greater appreciation of our unique Sikh heritage, and inspire others to preserve it.
As an introduction of each CD we have given a brief account of the relevant saroop
and its salient features.


Gurcharan Singh
Professor Sahib Singh Gurmat Trust
Project Director &

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