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Documentary on Jugraj Singh Toofan | Behind True Story | Toofan Singh

Shaheed Bhai Jugraj Singh ‘Toofan’

Baba Jugraj Singh Toofan ji alias Toofan Singh ji was born in 1972 in house of Baba Mohinder singh ji and Mata Harbans Kaur Ji in Village Khuddi Cheema, Distt Gurdaspur.  Baba Jugraaj Singh was only brother of five sisters. His Father did sangat of Sant Baba Gurbachan singh ji and Sant Baba Kartar Singh ji Bhindranwale Mahapurakhs. In 1978, when he was just 6, he was present during Sikh-Nirankari clash with his Father. That was the first day he had Darshan of Sant Jarnail Singh ji Khalsa Bhindranwale. When he saw bodies of Shaheed Singhs, he asked his father about them. Baba Mohinder singh ji said ‘Son, they are Shaheeds of our Panth’. He asked why they have been killed. Babaji replied they went to stop Guru’s beadbi, and for Guru and Panth’s honour, they have laid down their lives. Young Jugraj Singh went to Santji and said ‘Sant ji, I also want to die like them, for my Guru and Panth’. Santji smiled back and said ‘Son, its all in Guru’s hands.When he wishes some one to perform the sewa, he takes it himself. Each and every one of us has our own time. He will bless you also with sewa and Shaheedi’’. After this he joined Damdami Taksal and became a dedicated soldier of Khalsa Panth.

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Shaheed Bhai Jugraj Singh ‘Toofan’ | 08 April 1990 | Reward of 2.5 Million Rupees




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