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Dhunda Fails to Answer Basic Questions – What Exactly Happened At Turlock Gurdwara This Past Saturday?

TURLOCK, California (April 29, 2015)—The Sikh24 team yesterday featured an

exclusive news about a debate that took place at the Gurdwara Sahib of Turlock,

California.  The debate was setup exclusively by local Sikhs who wanted to question Sarbjeet Dhunda on his stance on various topics mentioned in Guru Granth Sahib Ji.  Local Gursikhs on purpose chose to question Dhunda only on Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s philosophy.  They wanted Sikh Sangat to know that along with questioning various core elements of Sikh religion such as the ardas and amrit, the Kala Afghana lobby is now questioning and misleading sangat on core Sikhi principles mentioned in Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Note: Sikh24 team is working to upload the entire debate video, which will be available on our website in the coming days.  However in the meantime, we are publishing a write up on what exactly happened at Gurdwara Sahib in Turlock this past Saturday and what questions were asked.

Condition by Local Sevadars

After learning that the Turlock Gurdwara Committee wanted to invite Dhunda, local Gursikhs asked them to only do so on one condition: Dhunda must give the sangat time to do an open discussion. Some of the sevadars who wanted a discussion with Dhunda were: S. Kulwant Singh, Sundeep Singh (Junty), Daljit Singh from Stockton Gurdwara, Amarjit Singh from Manteca, Gurjeet Singh from Turlock, and others.

This interview with Sarbjeet Dhunda was set up to expose his false knowledge that him and his colleagues are giving to the sangat.

The initial deal was to have an open discussion before the katha, but Dhunda’s colleagues said that they will only give time to do an open discussion with sangat if they first can do this diwaan.  
After the diwaan was over, the whole sangat went upstairs and sat as a group.

The basis of the questions were going to be only on Guru Granth Sahib Ji and Akal Takht Sahib Maryada that Dhunda himself claims to follow.  Local Singhs knew there had been questions that have been brought up to Dhunda and his colleagues, which have never been answered, but this was the first time simple questions were asked about Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

The very first questions were asked by Kulwant Singh –

Do you believe that Professor Sahib Singh’s teeka is the best ever written on Guru Granth Sahib Ji

Dhunda: Yes

Do you believe that everything written in Guru Granth Sahib Ji is true or not?

After some thought, Dhunda answers yes.

Do you believe in 8.4 million lives and if there is a life after death or if the soul continues its journey?

Dhunda is not able to answer this because he believes there is nothing after life and God has only created us to be better human beings.  Dhunda’s explanations are then questioned by references from various shabads in Guru Granth Sahib.  Over and over, it is mentioned that there is an after life and what we do, we will have to repent.

After this was the biggest question –

Do you believe in the super natural concepts mentioned in Guru Granth Sahib Ji?  And do you believe that these were just written or those events actually took place?

Dhunda answers, however he tries to be smart.  He questions that how can a fish go in the air and how can a cow be back alive after it was dead?

Responding to Dhunda’s questions, Singhs mention that Professor Sahib Singh and other scholars have all said and interpreted those gurbani verses in the way that those incidents have occurred just how they have been written.  S. Kulwant Singh states that if God wants, anything is possible. So if that means the cow was alive again according to Gurbani, then it was, because God made that happen to show and honor the protection of his devotees.

After this, Bhai Amarbir Singh from Manteca asked the following question –

Does any Sikh parcharak have the right, according to Akal Takht Sahib to openly condemn Sri Dasam Granth?

Dhunda asks that the Singhs provide him proof where he has gone against Akal Takht Sahib.  Amarbir Singh mentioned that Dhunda has done so many times and there are many recordings.  However, during the debate, Dhunda then cleverly changes topic and Balraj Singh, Dhunda’s main sponsor from Patterson gets up and says this was not part of the debate today.

Singhs however stated that we are not asking if Sri Dasam Granth is right or wrong, it is only asked if according to our Akal Takht Maryada, is it right to condemn Dasam Granth.

After this, Dhunda and his supporters get up try to leave the debate.

However, Singhs pose the next question –

Do you believe that doing Waheguru Simran is a waste of time and if that had any meaning for the after life.

In response, Dhunda pauses for a moment, and then finally answers that Simran is only for us to get a peace of mind here in this world and that he doesn’t know if it has any meaning after since he has not died yet.

Singhs insist that over and over, Guru Granth Sahib Ji answers this there is a meaning and without the recitation of God, no one will find the door of liberation at the God’s court, unless God chooses otherwise. So that being, what right does Dhunda have to say Waheguru Simran is pretty much a waste of time?


These were the basic questions Dhunda could not answer because he does not believe in these concepts.  While is it is of utmost important to live a perfect life, it is important to also live life in a way as prescribed by the Gurus, ie. by recitation and understanding of Gurbani and by doing naam simran, keeping rehit, etc.  If after life was not important, then why wear a dastar, keep a beard, keep rehit, take amrit?

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