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Dhadrianwale :- You Have Killed Our Parcharak Brother And You Are Telling Us About “Bhara Maroo Jang” ??

Answers to today’s comments made in a press conference that the Sikh Parcharaks should remain in Maryada and not start a “Bhara Maroo Jang”.

Bhai Ranjit Singh Khalsa Dhadrianwale says it is his Parcharak brother who has been murdered, not the other way round. Who has killed who? – The Khalsa Panth knows. Even after this Shaheedi there have been no demonstrations from Bhai Ranjit Singh.

Sangat wanted to protest and burn effigies to demand justice for the murder of the Shaheed Parcharak, but Bhai Ranjit Singh told them that if they burn someone’s image who is in Sikh form, they are also burning the image of Guru Sahibs Bana at the same time. Watch this short clip in full for further information about what is going on




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