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Hindu Terrorism :- Dalit Women Paraded Naked By Upper Caste Men And Women


A shocking video of two ‘Dalit women’ being subjected to merciless thrashing and public humiliation allegedly women from upper caste has gone viral on social media platforms.

The video is so graphic in nature that we have decided to fade the video because of poor taste and decency issue.

In the two naked ‘Dalit women’ can be seen lying in water while two women are constantly thrashing them.

We don’t know where the incident took place and what the reason for their public humiliation was. But nothing will ever justify the humiliation meted out to the victims.
The was video titled ‘Dalit women paraded naked by Upper Caste Men and women’ and was posted on YouTube on 21 March by youtube user Anil Kumar. The incident has caused outrage on Facebook. via www.punjabspectrum.news




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