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Dal Khalsa points to India silence over Punjab Nirbhaya and share grief with aggrieved family

Moga, Punjab: Dal Khalsa team led by its spokesperson Kanwar Pal Singh along with SYP head Paramjit Singh today visited the aggrieved family at Moga, who lost its daughter in the hands of criminals who killed her after failing to rob her dignity and modesty. The members expressed their sorrow and grief to the family over the loss of their innocent daughter Arshdeep Kaur on April 29th.

Following is the statement, the organization issued to the media after meeting the injured mother Shinder Kaur at civil hospital in Moga:

When in Dec 2012, a girl in Delhi named Nirbhaya was gang-raped in a moving bus, the entire country wept. Indian civil society came on streets. Punjab too joined the campaign against outrage and disrespect shown to women. A judicial commission was set up to bring more stringent law against the rapist. After 2 and a half year, a similar kind of shameful incident happened in Moga when a 13 year teen age girl Arshadeep Kaur was thrown out of the moving bus by her molesters. Everywhere in India there is a quiet, criminal silence leaving aside some voices in Punjab. Political parties are up in arms because the owner of the bus is first family (read Badals), who have made more foes than friends in their political career. The growing demand is that the owner of the orbit bus Sukhbir Badal should also be booked for the criminal act done by his employee’s. Like it did in Delhi after 2012 gang-rape, the AAP is all out to cash in the simmering anger against the ruling class in Punjab too. The situation is being worsened by typical feudal mindset of Badals.

The owner Sukhbir in the capacity of being state’s Home Minister holds the control over the state police. To remain above the controversy (Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion), he could have visited the concerned police station and ask the SHO that he has come to join the investigation if he is required. Sukhbir knows and everyone know, legally he cant be booked in this case. Instead, Sukhbir is taking help of administration and police officials to break the deal by offering hefty amount to a poor and down-trodden family beside job to the deceased father. This arrogant and corrupt attitude of Badal family has upset the sensible Punjabi’s. This is something ridiculous and disgusting. Punjab needs leader, who is politically mature, morally upright and whose hands are clean. Certainly not the likes of Badals. Others who joined him include Surjit Singh, Jagjit Singh, Gurpreet Singh.


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