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Pictures & Videos :- Dal Khalsa and SYP, Conference : Azadi the only way at Gurdwara Dukh Niwaran Sahib, Jalandhar

Jalandhar: Sikh bodies, Dal Khalsa and Sikh Youth of Punjab, held a conference: “Azadi – the only way” at Gurdwara Dukh Niwaran Sahib, Jalandhar. The conference was followed by a march from Gurdwara Dukh Niwaran Sahib to Guru Nanak Mission Chowk.

A convention “ AZADI The only way “ was held today at Gurdwara Sri Guru Teg Bahadur, by Dal Khalsa followed by road march . Asserting that the Self-determination is the right of every nationality, the Dal Khalsa leaders said the Indian leadership must allow referendum in Punjab. If the people of the state decide otherwise, we will accept the verdict.

The speakers claimed that the right to secede was recognised by the Geneva Convention. Many countries have attained independence through plebiscite. It is not unconstitutional.

Dal Khalsa gave a call through a resolution to the people of Punjab, particularly Sikh community, to boycott the Aug 15 celebrations as the political system of the country has denied the Sikhs their fundamental rights, freedom, and crushed their aspirations with might. The Govt. has always found police solution to Punjab’s political problem. Hence, the Sikhs should boycott Aug 15 and observe the day as BLACK DAY.

In another resolution the gathering resolved to establish sovereign and independent Punjab by adhering to International norms and laws.

On the issue of Sikh Political prisoners languishing in jails the gathering unanimously condemned the attitude and high handedness of Punjab Govt. The release of Assemanand and Maya Codnani on bail who were convicted for much more heinous crimes proves that there are different set of rules for different communities.

Speaking on the occasion party head H S Dhami said the existence of the Sikh nation, recognition of its distinct sovereignty and identity is non-negotiable and must be secured at all cost.
Expressing Dal Khalsa’s view on devolution of powers as sought by Akali Dal and other regional parties, he said “Indian state is not going to do so. On the contrary opposite is happening. The state is centralizing more and more power, and it is becoming more and more Hindu in character. The process has expedited under Narendra Modi’s regiem, The transformation is towards more centralization and saffronization . “In that context to ask for devolution by Akali Dal or any other regional party, is ridiculous. It would mean that we haven’t learnt anything from history”.

Prabhjot Singh a Sikh Scholar and youth leader spoke in detail about the distinct identity of Sikh Nation. He stressed that it is must for them to achieve independence for its survival.

Dr. Manjinder Singh Gen Secretary dismissed the notion that the militant groups were in any way a justification for the state’s repression against the Sikh nation. “In case the militant groups were the problem, there is no militant group today. But 20 years down the road, the Sikhs still continue to face state’s onslaughts and discriminative policies, he said.
“As far as the international community is concerned, They know exactly what’s happening to the Sikh people in Punjab. The only consideration for them is whether it is in their interest to intervene to stop rights violations of Sikhs or maintain silence for business concerns.
He observed that settling of Non-Punjabi Immigrants in Sikh homeland Punjab, have traditionally been state aided colonisation projects. Their settlements are being done in a systematic way aiming to change the demography of Punjab.

Satnam Singh Paonta Speaking on the participation in the electoral process of the country, said that Dal Khalsa strongly believes that the Indian electoral exercise is an illusion. We will not contest elections under the Indian dispensation. Dal Khalsa affirms that its members, supporters and well-wishers will not participate in this electoral façade of democracy in India.
The promises of high profile Hindu leaders of “an area where Sikhs can feel the glow of freedom”, “Sikhs may use the Kirpan if they are let down”, to language-based states and then to the Rajiv-Longowal sham accord, followed not by implementation but killings of Sikh youth in fake encounters and their enforced disappearances are all part of the shameful track record of the Indian polity vis-à-vis Sikhs.
The litany of broken promises and injustices is endless. This long story has rendered us homeless, hapless and hopeless. How does Sikhs see hope in elections?

Sarbjit Singh Ghuman affirming the commitment for Sikh Nations independence said that Reforms and development cannot be a substitute for independence. To the real Sikh polity, the challenge is not development, but self-determination.

Others who spoke on the occasion were S. Kulbir Singh Barapind president Akali Dal Panch Pradhani . ParamJit Singh President Sikh Youth Of Punjab,
The Convention was followed by road march which concluded at Guru Nanak Mission Chowk. Sikh youth participating in great numbers were holding banners and play cards depicting the pictures of Bhindrawala and Gajinder Singh. They were raising slogans in favor of Azadi.
The main participants were Ranbir Singh, Nobaljit Singh ,Manjit Singh , Gurmeet Singh,Kuldeep Singh,Kulwant Singh,Gurdeep Singh,Jagjit Singh khosa


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