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Christian to Sikh | Documentary of Ken and Michelle | How Simran & Gurbani Changed their Life ??

This can be a documentary of Ken and Michelle, and the way Simran & Gurbani modified their life.
Rai Singh (Chile):
I did not have a great position mannequin, so after I discovered concerning the Gurus I mentioned “Wow. That is one thing I can relate to.”

Mukhande Kaur (Venezuela):
I used to be the one Sikh in my metropolis, and everybody was shocked. Then I began to share with them what it’s to be a Sikh. It is an perspective of being actual, and having a religious path

Sat Sansar Singh (Chile):
I observed how individuals acted after Gurdwara throughout langar. Everybody was so comfortable. It was a artistic temper that made me glad. So I assumed there has bought to be one thing on this…

Charan Sev Kaur (Chile):
Sikhism is just not well-known in Latin America, so I put on bana day by day as a seva, to unfold the phrase, and persons are at all times asking me about it. They reply very positively.

Ram Krishan Singh (Argentina):
Once I heard simran I felt one thing. So I began to discover Gurbani, and Guru Nanak took my coronary heart, and He gave me the important thing to God’s door.

Sat Pavan Kaur (Chile):
Once I went to my first Gurdwara, and bowed my head for the primary time my coronary heart opened. It was a circulate of loving power which made me cry.

As Sikhs we perceive Shaheedi (Martyrdom) and we additionally perceive a Saint with the ability to forgive sins. Nevertheless, did God want blood with a purpose to forgive sins?– Fundamentals of Sikhi is a mission by Everythings thirteen, an academic charity devoted to spreading the knowledge of the Sikh Gurus. Please SUPPORT our work – – Whether or not its £5 a month or £50, all will go in direction of parchar.
Vaheguru Simran within the Intro and Outro is how Sikhs chant Gods identify. Its carried out by Jagdeep Kaur

Punjabi male loves what we do and needs change – Avenue Parchar in Nottingham Metropolis Centre
Sikh Group & Youth Providers (SCYS) organised this Avenue Parchar and Chabeel/Schveel to commemorate Guru Arjan Dev Ji’s shaheedi – by handing out chilly drink on a sizzling day

Q&A session on the Kaurs United Camp 2014 in California, USA. This was a dialogue and recommendation for Sikh females struggling to maintain their kes/kesh (hair). Mostly, facial hair is seen as probably the most troublesome to take care of by most Sikh females. So Sukhvinder Kaur shares her emotional expertise together with different Kaurs United campers. Kaurs United Camp

As a practising Sikh herself, Sukhmani Kaur addresses some key points within the Sikh group. Why and the way are Sikhs killing Sikhi? She goes via the Sikhi Tree analogy and the way every root is being minimize by ourselves ravenous the tree any success of rising.

Sikhi, a younger faith, is round 500 years outdated. Its founder, Guru Nanak, was born in 1469. Guru Nanak unfold a easy message of “Ek O’ankaar”: We’re all one, created by the One Creator of all Creation. He aligned with no faith. He expressed the truth that there’s one God and lots of paths, and the Identify of God is Fact, “Sat Nam”. Guru Nanak laid the muse, infused his personal consciousness right into a disciple, who then grew to become Guru, subsequently passing the sunshine on to the subsequent and eventually to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and the Khalsa.

needed to log in and make and remark as a result of this video made me cry as a result of i felt precisely the identical as Mr Singh even being born sikh was by no means proven sikhi till a fellow Gursikh confirmed me


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