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Pics & Video | 200 Torn Ang’s of Gutka Sahib Kadgill, Malian, District Tarn Taran

TARN TARAN, Punjab—Tensions have returned to Tarn Taran after another incident of sacrilege of Gurbani was reported from nearby village Malian, 2 kms from Tarn Taran, on the Jandiala Guru road.

As many as 200 torn pages of Gutka Sahib (small scriptures of Gurbani) have been found on the street, leading to the cremation ground of the village.

The incident has again reopened a fresh wound amongst Sikhs in the area.

Tarn Taran deputy commissioner Balwinder Singh Dhaliwal, SP (D) Jagmohan Singh and other senior officials have arrived at the location to investigate.

Sikh bodies have staged dharna (peaceful sit-in) at Tarn Taran-Jandiala Guru road blocking the road. The incident has again caused the local atmosphere to become tense.

Only a week ago, a sacrilege incident had occurred in the village of Baath, following which, protests have continued unabated for upto 10 days in the district, severely disrupting normal life in the area.


Breaking news. Hune 2 pind Kadgill, district Tarn Taran vikhe Sri Gutka Sahib de Anga de tukre tukre karke polythene bag vich pake te pind de bahar war kabra vich sit dite han.


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