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Bhai Beant & Satwant Singh Filled Indira Gandhi Body With Bullets | 9.20am | Sodha 31.10.1984

Prior To The Attack In Amritsar Sant Bhindranwale Gave Indira A Warning “indira, Dont Think That You Will Live Freely After Attacking Our Holiest Shrine,

Your Own Bullets Will Turn On You”.
This Bachan Was Made A Reality By Sardar Beant Singh And Sardar Satwant Singh.

indra buchar

32 Years Ago Today At Around 9.20am Bhai Beant Singh And Bhai Satwant Singh Filled Indiras Body With Bullets Bringing Her To Justice For The Desecration Of Akaal Takht Sahib,

Killing Of Mass Sikh Sangat Aswell As The Beadbi Of 2500 Saroops Of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj.

bead body of indran
bead body of indran


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