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Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana Saved Life of Honeypreet´s Ex Husband Vishwas Gupta in Jail

Dera Sacha Sauda chief Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan, who can now be referred to as rapist Gurmeet Singh, is now behind bars after being convicted of raping two of his women followers in 2002. A CBI special court sentenced Gurmeet Singh to two decades in prison and imposed a fine of Rs 30 lakh last month following which there were violent protests by the Dera followers in Punjab, Haryana and even Delhi.

Honeypreet Insan, Gurmeet’s part-time “angel” and part-time masseuse, came into the limelight not for her work in the intolerable movies her “Pitaji” made but for being present with him in the chopper that was to take Gurmeet Singh to the prison. Honeypreet has been in news ever since.

The Haryana Police registered an FIR against Honeypreet for her alleged role in inciting violence in Panchkula on August 25, they day Gurmeet Singh was convicted on two counts of rape. She is now in hiding.

There have been reports that rapist Gurmeet Singh was no father figure to Honeypreet and that they had sexual relations. Honeypreet’s former husband Vishwas Gupta claimed that Gurmeet Singh and Honeypreet had an illicit relationship.

In his hour long dramatic press conference, Vishwas Gupta broke down on several occasions while narrating his ordeal.

He accused Gurmeet Singh and Honeypreet of ruining his life. “In a very planned manner Gurmeet Singh married me off to Honeypreet to legitimise her stay in his ‘Gufa’ or private residence, we never lived as husband and wife while she remained committed to Gurmeet Singh,’ he said.

“When I found about their illicit affair, I went to High Court and media in 2011, but they messed up my life with fake cases,” Gupta told media.

“I had to face five court cases including dowry harassment and bounced cheques for which I had to spend a fortnight in Patiala jail, where supporters of Gurmeet Singh tried to kill me,’ he added.

Vishwas said that he and his father had to beg the Dera Chief for mercy and the cases were withdrawn only after they appeared in person at the Sirsa dera and tendered an apology in public in front of the followers.

“The Dera Chief took away our properties and money we had invested in the factories set up inside the Dera permises, we lost close to Rs 40 crores to secure our freedom from him,’ says Vishwas.

Today, speaking to media, Vishwas Gupta made four explosive revelations. Here’s what he said –


Honeypreet Insan was known as Gurmeet Singh’s adopted daughter. But there have been reports that said a legal adoption was never done.Vishwas Gupta said, “In no way is Honeypreet Ram Rahim’s daughter. No legal adoption was done. It is all a sham”.

An unnamed woman Dera follower, in a video that went viral on social media, had said that Gurmeet Singh ill-treated his women followers but Honeypreet was an exception. “Big positions are given to women like Honeypreet who is Baba’s mistress. She wears colourful dresses and keeps different hairstyles. This is her life. Why did he not ask Honeypreet to clean Dera, who used to accompany her everywhere,” the woman said in the video.


Talking about the time he spent at the Dera headquarters where Gurmeet Singh used to live, Vishwas Gupta said, “Ram Rahim made us play a game like Bigg Boss in his cave. We were six couples (family members) and spent 28 days there”.

“I was staying at the goofa (cave), private room of Baba ji. My wife was with him. He had inadvertently left the door open. They were naked and were having sex. They were shocked when they saw me. Baba had threatened me not to reveal anything and had said that I will be killed,” Gupta had told Mail Today.


Vishwas Gupta, ex-husband of Honeypreet Insan and someone who claims to have spent almost a month at Gurmeet Singh’s Dera, said, “Ram Rahim always kept a big box of arms along, his men used to put in whichever car Ram Rahim travelled in.”

This contradicts a statement Gurmeet Singh made in an interview with Aaj Tak television where he said he has no access to arms and that his bodyguards or aides at the Dera may be keeping some weapons but only as a precautionary measure.


Shocking reports about Gurmeet Singh-run Dera Sacha Sauda have been flooding people. This ranges from news that at least 600 human skeletons being found from different parts on the Dera Sacha Sauda to information that Gurmeet Singh would have exploited many women inside his save.

The kind of road-trip the rapist had while reaching the CBI court on the judgement day, with at least 200 cars pacing across two states, and the VVIP chopper ride he managed to go to the prison, is enough proof that Gurmeet Singh is a dangerously powerful man.

Talking to the media, Vishwas Gupta said, “Ram Rahim is very powerful even though he is in jail. Once I go back after this press conference, I don’t know if you will see me again”.


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