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Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana Has Challenged Cop Gurmeet Pinky To Produce Evidence To Prove His Allegations Against Him

Patiala—In a press note shared with Sikh24, death row convict Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana has challenged the former cat-turned police cop Gurmeet Pinky to produce evidence to prove his allegations against him.  Pinky had announced that Rajoana had reported Bhai Jagtar Singh (now Jathedar of Akal Takht) Hawara’s prison escape intentions. Bhai Rajoana has asked Pinky to produce the record of the jail register showing his meeting with him and to present his so called letter, claimed by Pinky.


Terming Gurmeet Pinky as an ungrateful person, Bhai Rajoana has clarified that he didn’t even knew him before 2010 and first got acquainted about him in jail during 2010. Bhai Rajoana has stated that during the militancy era cats like Gurmeet Pinky brutally martyred innocent Sikhs and after the militancy period the government started using them to raise allegations against Sikh warriors.

Lashing out at Journalist Kanwar Sandhu, Bhai Rajoana said that he doesn’t have any intention of answering cooked up stories. He termed the Journalist Kanwar Sandhu as a Government puppet who is attacking Khalistan ideology under the cover of Journalism.

Bhai Rajoana said that his life was like an open book and the government machinery was active against him since his open stance about assassinating former Chief Minister Beant Singh.

In a six part interview of Gurmeet Pinky, published by journalist Kanwar Sandhu, Gurmeet Pinky had claimed that Bhai Rajoana informed him about the escape bid of Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara from Burail jail. Pinky had even claimed that Bhai Rajoana tipped off police in recovering a bag of RDX (an explosive used in preparing Bombs) from Burail jail and a consignment of weapons from village Khant near Chandigarh.

Pinky’s accusations had created a division among the Singhs involved in CM Beant assassination case and Bhai Rajoana was has being targeted by pro-Hawara groups for many days now. via Sikh 24

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