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Beadbi | Torn Ang of Gutka Sahib at Jalandhar | Sikh Activists had Blocked Kapurthala Chowk for Two Days in Protest Against Police.

Tension gripped in Jalandhar on Thursday morning after torn pages of Gutka Sahib were found scattered in a canal bridge and a distributary of Bist-Doab canal in Sher Singh Colony locality.

It is the same place where torn pages of the Sikh holy book, the Guru Granth Sahib and Bhagavad Gita, a Hindu religious text, were also recovered on September 24, last year. Sikh activists had blocked Kapurthala Chowk for two days in protest against police.

A local resident searching for the torn pages of Gutka Sahib. (Pardeep Pandit/HT)
A local resident searching for the torn pages of Gutka Sahib. (Pardeep Pandit/HT)

An eyewitness Davinder of Raj Nagar, Basti Bawa Khel told HT that two youths came on the bike and fled away after throwing torn pages of Gutka Sahib.

As the news of the incident spread, Sikhs of nearby localities and activists gathered there and collected the torn pages. Some of them went inside the canal and recovered the pages.

After getting the information at police control, deputy commissioners of police (DCPs) Rajinder Singh, Gurmeet Singh and others rushed and pacified the situation. Heavy police force has been deployed to prevent any untoward incident.

The locals demanded that perpetrators behind the incident be arrested at the earliest.

DCP Rajinder told HT that police have been trying to zeroing on the bike-borne as stated by eyewitness and scanning footages of CCTV cameras. source from hindustantimes.com


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