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Bapu Surat Singh Ji Khalsa is Still Being Kept In The ICU | 533th day of his Hunger Strike

Update 30 June, 2016: Jathedar Bapu Surat Singh Ji Khalsa is still being kept in the ICU and his health condition remains critical, we will continue to provide information as we receive it

Update :- 27 June at 23:10

Jathedar Bapu Surat Singh Ji Khalsa has been unconscious since last night and was admitted to ICU unit 2 bed 16 at Dayanand Hospital and College, Ludhiana. Dr. Deepak is forcibly trying to remove Bapuji’s kakkar-Sri Sahib to do MRI, but this is against his personal wishes. Bapu Ji had earlier written a note that if he was ever unconscious – he shouldn’t be treated or force fed, and they are removing his kakaars.

This is the time for the Punjab Government to step forward and grant permanent releases to Sikh political prisoners.


512th day of his hunger strike

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