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Bapu Surat Singh Appeals | January 10 March from Punjab to Delhi

LUDHIANA, Punjab—Speaking exclusively with Sikh24, Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa appreciated efforts by entire Panth and dedicated Jathebandis for the release of Sikh political prisoners.  Not taking any credit despite almost a year long struggle, Bapu Surat Singh said that it was with the blessings of Guru Ji and the dedication of Panthik Sikh organizations that a number of prisoners were released.  Bapu Surat Singh stated that the sangharsh is still alive as more needs to be done for the political prisoners who have not received relief so far.

January 10 March from Punjab to Delhi


While speaking with Sikh24, Bapu Surat Singh appealed the Sikh masses to join the march going to commence on January 10 from Sri Fatehgarh Sahib to Delhi.  The march is being held to honour Jathedar Jagtar Singh Hawara who is incarcerated in the Tihar Jail.  Bapu Surat Singh requested Sikhs from all over Punjab to join the march.

The march is scheduled to begin from Fatehgarh Sahib on January 10 at 8 AM to meet Jathedar Jagtar Singh Hawara and will conclude in Delhi.  Sikh Sangat will extend its support to Jathedar Hawara during his court appearance on January 11 in Delhi.


Sacking of Punj Piare Unprecidented

Commenting on the sacking of ‘Panj Piare’ by the SGPC executives, Bapu Ji told Sikh24 that Badal’s marionettes have dominated the SGPC.  “SGPC came into existence with sacrifices of martyrs but now Badal is operating it like a franchise,” said Bapu Ji.  He added that the Sikh community will never forgive the Badal family for committing the sin of sacking ‘Panj Piare’.  “By challenging the highest institution of ‘Panj Piare’ Badal’s puppets have made their arrangement to get ousted in the upcoming SGPC elections,” he added.

Welcomes to Release of Political Prisoners

Bapu Ji expressed felicity over the release of Bhai Hardeep Singh, Bhai Baj Singh and Bhai Makhan Singh Gill by the Punjab government. However, he iterated his stance to continue struggle until the other prisoners are released.

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