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Balbir Singh Bains Fitted With A ‘halo’ Brace And On The Long Road To Recovery – He Sends A Message To The Sangat

Bhai Balbir Singh Bains who, a few days ago, suffered a severe injury to his neck when he fell out of the cab of his Class 2 lorry at work, has undergone a medical procedure to have a head brace, (known as a ‘Halo’) fitted to his body.

After surgeons drilled 6 holes into the bones of his head, the frame was secured in place, to force his head, neck and spine to stay in the one position and allow the fracture to mend. Although he will remain in the ‘Halo’ for at least three months and then undergo intensive physiotherapy, the doctors say his chances of making a full recovery are very high.

Balbir Singh Bains Fitted With A 'halo' Brace And On The Long Road To Recovery - He Sends A Message To The Sangat

Understandably, Balbir Singh is in a lot of pain and discomfort whilst also coming to terms with the adjustment to his life; but his spirit is in chardi kalla and his thoughts as always, remain with the political prisoners and families who are supported by Sikh Relief.

From his hospital bed, he has sent this message to the Sangat:

“I have been humbled by the outpouring of love and support from all four corners of the world. It is the power of your prayers and Ardas which saved me. I accept this to be God’s will and with the grace of Akal Purakh and the blessings of the Sangat, I will get better in time. But what I want to focus on are those who’s wounds will never heal – the families whose members will not be returning home and those who can’t be fixed. As a nation, we must continue to support and improve the lives of those who have been robbed of their futures or who have been dealt a bad hand in life. As always, I rely on your continued help and generosity to not only continue the seva of Sikh Relief but to make it even stronger and its reach even further. My various teams around the world are specialists in what they do and make me proud with the way they have taken over the reins. The work continues…….I would like to thank our supporters for all their well-wishes, at this very difficult time. Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh!”

On behalf of the Sikh Relief team, we would like to thank the wonderful doctors and staff at Oxford Hospital who have been taking great care of Balbir Singh, whom they describe as ‘no ordinary man’……we couldn’t agree with you more!! via Sikh Organisation For Prisoners Welfare (SOPW)

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