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Baba Darshan Singh & Bhai Jagmohan Singh Acquitted By High Court

Baba Darshan Singh from the village of Mukaronpur, has spent a large part of his life wrongfully imprisoned in a number of false cases. Most recently, he was arrested in July 2009 by Tripuri Town police and charged with murder under the Arms & Explosives Act and the Unlawful Activities Act. Darshan Singh was the first person in India, to be convicted under the UAPA (Unlawful Activities Prevention Act) when he was sent to Nabha Maximum Security Jail for ten years.


In February 2015, the court had to acquit Darshan Singh in the Rulda murder case, due to a lack of evidence and contradictions in witness testimonies. 62-year-old Rulda Singh was the “Sikh” face of the RSS, a Hindu supremacist paramilitary organisation and though he carried a Sikh identity, he was committed to diluting Sikh values with Hindutva beliefs. In 2009 Rulda was killed outside his residence in Patiala.

Today Sikh Relief’s legal team headed by Senior Advocate Rajvinder Singh Bains, were present in the High court when the judge acquitted Baba Darshan Singh Mukaronpur and his co-accused Jagmohan Singh from the village of Bassi Pathana. The police alleged the two Sikhs were Babbar Khalsa International activists and the whole case against them had been based upon a BKI letterpad, supposedly found in their possession.

Baba Darshan Singh has paid a huge personal sacrifice for his role in the Sikh movement. Due to the many years he lost being dragged through various prisons, Darshan Singh was never able to settle down and have a family of his own. To this day, he remains unmarried and his elderly parents also passed away whilst he was in jail. Darshan Singh made a special request to the jail authorities for compassionate parole leave to attend the funeral of his mother, but permission was not granted. So, when he leaves prison hopefully in the next few days….he will be returning to an empty home.

Sikh Relief have financed the welfare, legal aid and family support for both Jagmohan Singh and Baba Darshan Singh throughout their imprisonment. Jagmohan Singh has another case pending against him in the State of Rajasthan and he may well be transferred to another prison. Sikh Relief will continue to support Jagmohan Singh, until he too is a free man. via Sikh Organisation For Prisoners Welfare (SOPW)

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