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Attack On Sikh and Beadbi of Dastar by Sukhwinder DC Kharoad Group


Its not Related to this news (Shiv Sena )

Another shocking news emerged on social media in which a group of Hindu extremists attack Sikh young boy and did Beadvi of Dastar. Shiv sena beat up amritdhari Sikh youth and put his dastar on the feet.
ince Hindu Suraksha Samiti and All India Hindu Students Federation announced plans of ‘Lalkar’ (challenge) rally from Chandigarh to Amritsar on May 25, tension has been brewing in the social media, with a few right-wing Hindu organizations and Sikh organizations targeting each other.

Reacting to the call for the march by a couple of Hindu groups, Sikh bodies have announced plans to stop them at bridge on river Beas on the National Highway No. 1, before they can enter Amritsar. The timing has only added to the trouble as the anniversary of Operation Blue Star is also approaching.

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