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ਅਕਾਲੀ ਦਲ ਲੌਂਗੋਵਾਲ ਦੀਆਂ ਕਰਤੂਤਾਂ | Akali Dal Harcharan Longowal Letter To Delhi (Indira Gandhi)

Akali Dal Harcharan Singh Longowal Letter To Delhi

badal, tohra and many other akali leaders all backed longowal in sending this letter to R.K. Dhawan who was the personal secretary to indira gandhi at the time. Longowal states very clearly that sant ji will not give up and that they have done everything in their power to destroy him but their lives are in great danger. Uptil this point these traitors had ;

Akali Dal Harcharan Longowal Letter To Delhi (Indira Gandhi)
Akali Dal Harcharan Longowal Letter To Delhi (Indira Gandhi)

– banned firearms within darbar sahib and parkarma to easily attack sant ji in april 1983

– banned sant ji from speaking at manji sahib diwan hall in september 1983

– sent 5 men to remove sant bhindranwale at gun point from nanak niwas in october/nov 1983. Sant ji happily said satbachan and went into sri akaal takht sahib as they didnt want to cause trouble and fight amongt each other as their mission was to destroy the government and not fight with 5 people longowal was using (the reason we aint naming these people is because its a sensitive issue)

– they did false propaganda against sant ji and failed

– in april 1984 they planned to kill sant ji and 4 other singhs which didnt go to plan

– In April 1984 akali dal martyred sant jis right hand man surinder singh sodhi. Which sant ji within 24 hours made sure all the killers were assasinated

The sgpc and akali dal tried everything in their power to destroy sant ji but failed miserably. Sending this letter was the last resort which involved calling the army to flush out sant ji and 200 or so singhs.
Longowal writes that bhindranwales men will run away seeing the army and most probably bhindranwala will run also. But khalsa ji we all know exactly what sant ji and his singhs did to the worlds 7th largest army.

If you carefully read this letter you will notice names of 2 people that were employed to keep the nation settled abroad after the attack. They were employed by the government to hush up sant bhindranwales supporters after the attack in usa and the uk. These are the dirty games played by the akalis and the sgpc.

Can we still trust them today? How many other touts do akali dal and sgpc have working for them today?

Khalsa ji we need to stay alert.




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