30th pre-trial custody Hearing |118 Days In Detention Without Charge | Support from Bapu Surat Singh | #FreeJaggiNow

Kind Message of support from Bapu Surat Singh Ji for the #FreeJaggiNow campaign.

84 year old Bapu Surat Singh Ji has been on a hunger strike for over 3 years as he fights for the freedom of Sikh political prisoners in India.



In what was the 30th pre-trial custody hearing of Jaggi in 118 days, the judge decided to end the police custody and ordered Jaggi to be sent back into judicial custody to Nabha jail.

During the period in which Jaggi was held by Punjab police in this latest case, there was no visit by the British High Commission to check on the wellbeing of their citizen. The British High Commission is fully aware of the physical torture Jaggi endured at the hands of Punjab police and did not deem it important enough to ensure his safety and wellbeing.

Jaggi is continued to being ignored by the UK Government and the Indian Government is continuing with their conspiracy and filing numerous bogus charges as they are not being held accountable by their British counterparts. It has now been 118 days and there is still not charge and no evidence presented. The FCO have shown they are not in control of the situation and appear to be backing off as they take a back seat and allow the India Government to play with the life and future of an innocent man.


During the first 4 days of Jaggi’s detention, after he was illegally arrested and abducted from the streets he was physically tortured at the hands of Punjab Police. The torture took place at an undisclosed location and Jaggi was unable to inform anybody of this ordeal. However, on 10 November 2017, Jaggi had the courage to inform his lawyer of the torture whilst still in the custody of Punjab Police.

The allegations of torture have not been taken seriously by the India Government, the judges and the UK Government. Jaggi informed his lawyer in detail what was done to him. The police officers stretched the legs of Jaggi and tore him from the inside. This is an old method used by Punjab Police and they continue to get away with this.

We must continue to ensure the voice of Jaggi is not silenced as every attempt is made by India to violate the legal and human rights of Jaggi. The Indian government has also shown no due process and there has been no transparency throughout. The efforts of behalf of the UK Government have also not been enough as they continue to sit in silence. Together we must continue raising awareness and amass a voice loud enough which will reverberate around the entire world.


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