22 Sikh Regiment Soldier Sings Song Challenging Pakistan

22 Sikh Regiment Soldier Sings Song Challenging Pakistan | After Shaheedi of Naib Subedar Paramjeet Singh

22 sikh Regiment Soldier Sings Song Challenging Pakistan
In this video clip you can watch a very good video clip . 22 sikh Regiment Soldier Sings Song Challenging Pakistan. Naik Subedar Paramjit Singh who was mutilated by a Pakistani Border Action Team (BAT) on Monday was part of a battalion that had released a video in November last year warning and challenging Pakistan.thanks for watching this video clip .

The mortal remains of Naib Subedar Paramjeet Singh, who was killed in Poonch sector of Jammu and Kashmir, were consigned to flames with full military honours at his native Vainpoin village here on Tuesday.

The 42-year-old soldier, who belonged to the Army’s 22 Sikh Infantry, was beheaded on Monday by Pakistani troops, who similarly mutilated the body of Head Constable Prem Sagar of the BSF’s 200th Battalion. A large number of mourners from Paramjit’s village and surrounding areas, besides his family and friends, paid their last respects to him.

Paramjit Singh’s last rites were held up for some time as the family insisted on seeing his face. They relented only after some persuasion by civil and military officials.

The coffin carrying Paramjit Singh’s body reached the village around 11:30 am in an Army helicopter. The body was first taken to a new house constructed by Paramjit Singh in village. The family, though, had not shifted to the new house as some construction work was still pending. Paramjit had planned to complete the construction work during his scheduled visit to home in the second week of May. Hence, the family wanted the body be brought to new house first before being taken to cremation ground. The coffin was kept at the new house for a few minutes. As Army personnel started carrying the coffin towards cremation ground, Paramjit Kaur, wife of Paramjit Singh, insisted on seeing his face once.

“Why should we believe this body is of Paramjit Singh. At least show the body to us,” said Paramjit Kaur. “We will not cremate body if it is mutilated. The Modi government had promised they would bring 10 heads of Pakistani soldiers for each head of an Indian soldier. We will allow cremation only after they would bring 10 heads of Pakistani soldiers,” she said. Other family members also joined Kaur and began insisting they would allow the body to be cremated only after taking a glimpse. Administration officials, however, soon convinced the family members and the procession towards cremation ground started.

At the cremation ground, Sahildeep Singh, Paramjit’s son, lit the pyre even as a huge crowd mourned the death.

“We are proud of our son. But it is also failure of the government that such attacks happen again and again from Pakistan’s side. Pakistan should be taught a lesson for it,” said Paramjit’s father Udham Singh.

Sarabjit Singh, who had came from Dhotian village of Tarn Taran to attend cremation, said, “A large number of youths from our border district join the Army. Being killed in war is one thing, but nobody likes to see their beloved’s bodies mutilated. If both countries want to fight, they should do it once. It is very painful to see young soldiers being killed in a proxy war when no war is declared. Government must do something about it.”

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