19th July 1982 | Commencement - Dharamyudh Morcha | Akali Dal's Betrayal | Sant Bhindranwale

19th July 1982 | Commencement – Dharamyudh Morcha | Akali Dal’s Betrayal | Sant Bhindranwale

On July 17th 1982 three singhs linked to damdami taksal were illegally arrested by dusht DSP gurbachna of Amritsar police. He also wrongly took possession of Sant jis jeep.

On july 19th 1982 bhai amrik singh and baba thahra singh went to follow up this illegal arrest but they too were arrested as the police misused their powers.

When sant ji found out that both these singhs were also wrongly arrested enough was enough. They made their way from damdami taksals HQ in mehta to sri amritsar sahib on july 19th and asked for the blessings of miri piri de malak sahib sri guru hargobind sahib ji at sri akaal takht sahib as they officially began the dharamyudh morcha to break free the shackles of slavery around the necks of the sikh nation.



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