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1991 Khanpur Family Massacre | Fake Encounter of 7 Family Members | The Legal Battle of Reaches the High Court | Sikh Relief Stands with The Joga Singh Khanpur’s Family

1991 Khanpur Family Massacre :- Joga, Nihang, the close associate of the murderous fake Nihang, Ajit Phoola, and member of the paid police vigilante gang that massacred the family of Sdr Joga Singh Khanpur’s has had his petition for bail heard at the High Court.

Survivor of the inhuman rampage Bibi Manjeet Kaur, who has pursued the case for justice with their lawyer Harsimran Singh, made their arguments against him receiving bail opposed by Ajay Kumar, the High Court lawyer who was heated at times due to bail not being granted to his client. Joga Nihang.

Bail in this case was opposed because of the repeated threats of revenge and murder made by the convicted murderer against Bibi Manjeet Kaur and the remaining members of her family.
Sikh Relief volunteer Parminder Singh Amloh, stated “that we have always stood with the family through all the court proceedings to date and will continue to support them in the High Court too.”

The threats can not be taken lightly when understood in context of what this family have endured already.

The events of 2nd June 1991 can never be forgotten, seven members of Joga Singh Khanpur’s family were brutally murdered by Ajit Phoola and his associates, Joga Nihang among them. His victims included Khanpur’s four children aged 15, 6 and 2 years old and the youngest victim was a baby only 6 months old baby . The incident, which took place in 1991, took 16 years to eventually reach court and the case did not start till 2007. The Amritsar District Court, Session Judge Harpreet Kaur Randhawa sentenced the murderer, Joga Nihang, to life imprisonment under section 302 of the Indian Constitution and five years imprisonment under Section 436.

The prosecution case for justice had been brought by Manjeet Kaur in the face of non interest and outright hostility from the police authorities.
She has had to struggle to get this far and has faced physical and mental challenges including threats to their life during this difficult period.
Sikh Relief stood with the family, offering any and all assistance the family has sought.
In addition to the legal battle, Sikh Relief have supported them with their children’s education fees and resources, welfare needs and any medical treatment as and when required.

Sikh Relief pledges to continue to stand with those who fell for our shared beliefs.

1991 Khanpur Family Massacre | The Legal Battle of Reaches the High Court | Sikh Relief Stands with The Joga Singh Khanpur’s Family
1991 Khanpur Family Massacre | The Legal Battle of Reaches the High Court | Sikh Relief Stands with The Joga Singh Khanpur’s Family

Bachan Singh (father) – 45 years
Darshan Kaur (mother) – 40 years
Harjinder Kaur (aunt) – 28 years
Madanjit Kaur (sister) – 15 years
Rajveer Kaur (daughter of Harjinder Kaur) – 5 years
Yaadwinder Singh (son of Harjinder Kaur) – 3 years
Gurjant Kaur (daughter of Harjinder Kaur)– 10 months

Must Watch and Share Untold Story

An emotional interview with Mangal Singh and Manjit Kaur who lost 7 family members at the hands of Panjab police and their hired hitmen.

First the police tied up all of the adult family members in the veranda and started shooting each person one by one while drinking and laughing. Then children were shot dead in the same manner. Young Rajveer Kaur became scared seeing the bloodbath of her family and ran in kitchen to hide. The policemen followed her and shot her a few times. Then the police threw a letter allegedly written by a freedom fighter Balwinder Singh Shahpuri taking the responsibility of the killing. Then the house was set on fire and the police left.

Ranjit Singh, younger son of Bachan Singh, was not present in the house. While returning home he heard the sounds of bullets so he hid himself at the neighbor’s house. After the police left, he went to his house along with local villagers and put out the fire. While taking care of the dead bodies he found the fake letter which was left there by the police. Ranjit Singh, after reading it, realized the conspiracy behind it and hid it in his pocket without telling anyone else. Next morning, the police came to the house to “investigate” the killings. While searching the house for any evidence, the police inspector became puzzled for not finding the letter and said, “Where is the letter?” Ranjit Singh asked, “Which letter?” Police Inspector quickly realized his mistake and said, “I had seen a letter here in someone’s hand earlier.” Ranjit Singh became sure that it was planned by the police to kill his family and blame another Sikh fighter for it.

Police wanted to kill two birds with one stone. They tried to convince Ranjit Singh that his family was killed by Balwinder Singh Shahpuri so that Joga Singh would try to seek revenge which would result in Sikhs killing Sikhs. But Ranjit Singh kept quiet as he knew the whole truth. After cremating his family members, Ranjit Singh revealed the true story to the villagers and Balwinder Singh Shahpuri himself came to the village Khanpur and condemned the police for killing innocent Sikhs. Few days later, Bachan Singh’s younger brother came to Punjab and took Ranjit Singh with him. Had he not left the country, he would’ve been killed also. To this day, Indian police and media blames Balwinder Singh for the killings but everyone in the village knows who the real culprits are. The Indian government took no action to investigate the murders of innocent Sikhs and children. This brutal incident exposed the true face of the government and its unholy and inhumane treatment towards the Sikhs. House of Bachan Singh now lies in ruins. The day is not far when such cases will be investigated and perpetrators will be punished. Only then the world will know that the Indian government is anything but “the largest democracy”.

Taken from Indian Terrorism on the land of Punjab by Baljit Singh Khalsa
Courtesy of SikhFreedom.com

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