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193rd Day – Latest Update of Bapu Surat Singh Ji Khalsa from DMC Hospital.

OUR attention has NOT been diverted!!!!

Bapu Surat Singh has entered the 193rd DAY of their Hunger Strike where they have NOT consumed ANY food or water voluntarily!!!

They are currently under police custody in Hospital being force fed by being TIED down to the bed with 6 chains!!

WHY is this 83 year old American resident on Hunger Strike?

He is asking for the release of those Sikh political prisoners that have completed their jail terms but are STILL languishing in Indian Prison’s.

Bapu Surat Singh has remained committed to the cause of Sikh political prisoners. Despite being target of various brutalities by the State Government he has remained committed to the cause through peaceful means. Now that the struggle may be near to reaching its final stages, the Government may try to use various tactics to malign his struggle and the name of the Sikh community in general. We urge all supporters of Bapu Ji to remain vigilant and committed to peaceful struggle.



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