Singh Saves 7 Peoples Lives Within 48 Hours

Singh Saves 7 Peoples Lives Within 48 Hours

This is Vivek Singh Pandher, sadly paji died last Friday aged just 22.

He had a very high fever which cut the oxygen supply to the brain, causing brain damage……….he was intensive care for a short period, but there was nothing the doctors could do to save him.

We offer condolences to the family and friends of Vivek Singh.

Paji had signed up to Organ Donation earlier in the year………and Organs from his body were then used to SAVE the lives of 7 people wihin 48hours of his death…..Respect.

The story about Vivek Singh Pandher s/o the poet/ writer Jaswant Singh Zafar, touched my heart – a beautiful talented soul – he recently died at the age of 23. Donated all his organs and saved 7 lives. Watch this interview what a big heart his father has and living the message of Guru Gobind Singh.