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Videos :- UK Sikhs Protest Against RSS & Hindutva Terror Leader Mohan Bhagwat

31/7/2016 :- We all say RSS is a negative org and a direct attack on Sikhi, including our so-called leaders and even khalistanis.

But when it comes to standing up and protesting at the event in U.K. where the chief of RSS will be, where were you all? We should have been there in the thousands, but in the U.K. only 30 Gursikhs showed up – short notice or not, we should have all been there.


We are all busy having tea with Mohan Bhagwat like SUCK did with Modi, most likely. I am so ashamed of all of you today -we let our shaheeds down because we are more interested in personal family events or just can’t be asked to stand up against terrorists and rapists.

The amount of Sikhs we have in the U.K and only 30 attend…

Well done to whoever took time out to stand up to him and didn’t just worry about whether they would be allowed in India again.

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