Video – What Is The Actual Timing Of Amrit Vehla ?

I assume that I should wake up anytime before sunrise and start my meditation. Is it also necessary to finish all my meditation and nitnem before sunrise.

Vaheguru – amrit vela is the last Pehar (3 hour split) of the night so 3-6AM but many Gursikhs will say 12-6AM which is also fine because if you’re up before the last pehar and do your Naam then that’s more laha (spiritual benefit) as the Vela of Amrit comes up.

We should aim before sunrise and we don’t necessarily HAVE TO finish Nitnem exactly before sunrise as it fluctuates throughout the year but if you do that in your own love then you will get even more laha.

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh

I have been really wondering about so much Upma of Amrit Vela in Gurbaani, but never got any proper answer as what is Amrit Vela, and why is it so important? If the early morning is chosen for Amrit Vela because it is very quiet at that time, then we can go any such place which is Sound Proof, but there should be some other very deep meaning of this, which I am unable to understand.

As it is clearly written in Japji Saheb

“Amrit Vela Sach Naao, Vadeyaee, Veechar||

Karmi Aave Kapda, Nadri mokh duaar||”

which I have interprted as

Amrit Vela (the time of awakening from Death)

Sach Naao= The only Truth

Vadyaee Veechar=think about HIM, praise HIM for HIS love to us

Karmi Aave Kapda=then HE will cover us with HIS blanket of love

Nadri Mokh Duaar=and we will see HIS DOOR.

Let us all have a discussion on this, and let us make out life to be given in charan of Guru Saheb..

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