Sikh Youth Killer SSP Ajit Sandhu dead or alive.

Video – Sikh Youth Killer SSP Ajit Sandhu dead or alive?

The Universal Human Rights Organization are pushing for a CBI inquiry into whether killer of innocents SSP Ajit Sandhu is still alive. The new film ‘Gadaar’ has sparked the controversy and the activists are alleging the film shows Sandhu alive at the end.

Sandhu supposedly committed suicide by jumping in front of train but now that suicide might be an eyewash to relocate Sandhu to a foreign country with a new identity.

“Since I am from Manjha area, the policeman’s appearance made me nostalgic about the dark days of militancy, when many innocent youngsters were massacred by Sandhu after being branded as terrorist. I have had a word with the writer and director of the movie, Amitoj Mann. He had confirmed that Ajit Singh Sandhu was alive,” claimed Satnam Singh Dhaliwal.

While quoting excerpts of the 2006 press conference conducted by the then DGP SS Virk, Dhaliwal said the DGP had then admitted that 300 police cats who were declared dead, were alive and living in different country with separate identities.

Dhaliwal had stated some other innocent was killed instead of Sandhu and now he’s living under another identity.