Jammu kasmir R S Pura Sikh youth died in police firing 3

Video Detailed Report- Sikh youth killed in clashes with Jammu Police

The situation escalated in Jammu this morning after police resorted to firing to hold back Sikh protesters. As a result, 1 Sikh youngster was wounded and has been feared dead in the hospital.

Three police officers were injured on Thursday after Sikhs protested the removal of Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa Bhindranwale’s posters. The Sikh community gathered at Satwari Police Station demanding apology from the officer for the act and for ‘hurting Sikh sentiments.’

After yesterday’s incident, Sikhs were assured SHO Kulvir Chaudary was to be suspended. A Shaheedi Samagam is held annually on June 6 but SSP Uttam Chand asked the Sikhs to show permission to hold the program.

Jammu: A Sikh youth named Bhai Jagjeet Singh reportedly died in police firing in Jammu. Bhai Jagjeet Singh s/o Nirwair Singh was resident of R S Pura area of Jammu. He was in his late teenage.

Sources said that Bhai Jagjeet Singh was hit in head by a bullet fired by Jammu police and he is supposed to have died on the spot.

Police say that the fire was opened in wake of stone-pleting by Sikh protesters.

After the incident the administration imposed curfew was imposed in Ranibagh area of Jammu.

Sources told Sikh Siyasat News that two more Sikhs had sustained injuries in police firing.

Ghallughara June 1984 Shaheedi Samgam:

One of the organisers of 6 June Shaheedi Samagam in Jammu told Sikh Siyasat News (SSN) over phone that after yesterday’s incident the police had agreed to suspend SHO Kulvir Chaudhary who had removed hoarding of Ghallughara Samagam. The Shaheedi Samagam was to held at Ward Number 1 of Simbal Camp, Jammu on 6 June. This program is organized annually by Jammu’s Sikh sangat and Sikh Naujawan Sabha, Simbal Camp, Jammu.

Shiv Sena raised objections:

Sources told Sikh Siyasat News (SSN) that some activists of Shiv Sena had started raising objections to the Shaheedi Samagam earlier this week.

Police accused of backing Shiv Sena and removing Posters:

Sources told SSN that a police party led by Satwari SHO Kulvir Choudhary backed Shiv Sena activists in removing posters of Shaheedi Samagam. SHO Kulvir Choudhary himself removed hoarding of the Samagam on June 3. SHO was reportedly thrashed by angry Sikh youth along with another SI.

Dharna by Sikh sangat:

To protest against removal of Shaheedi Samagam hoardings by police Sikh Sangat staged a massive protest. The administration admitted SHO’s mistake and senior police and civil officers including ilaqa SP, SDM and Deputy Commissioner (DC), assured Sikhs that the administration won’t remove any posters of Shaheedi Samagam or Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, after which Sikhs had lifted up their dharna.

Police said the issue was settled, but removed posters during night:

The police had assured the Sikh community of Jammu last night that the matter was settled and no one would prevent us from holding the Shaheedi Samagam.

But the police removed all posters on intervening night of 3 and 4 June. In the morning around ten to twenty policemen were found guarding the spots from where posters were removed.

June 4 incident:

The police reportedly started rounding up Sikh youth from Rani Bagh area this morning (on June 04).

When Sikhs came to know about police action youth began to gather to protest against the police action. The police resorted to firing, in which Bhai Jagjeet Singh was got killed and around five others sustained injuries.

Curfew Imposed:

The administration has clamped indefinite curfew in Ranibagh area of Jammu.

Sikhs determined to hold Shaheedi Samgam:

At the time of writing this report, a meeting of Sikh sangat was underway in Jammu. Sources said that Sikh youth were determined to hold 6 June Shaheedi samgam.

Khalsa g apnee tan shuru ton ee ih reet challeee ondee ai
but dukh odon hundaa jadon apne singh kood raaj ton insaaf d bheekh mngde ne
Khalsa g apnee ap nu pehchanye
Loka de insaaf karan vale apne lyee insaaf mangde firde ne fe result ta eda de e on ge
Apaa ik Nishan thalle ayie a deryaa da babyaa da khehda shadd ke singh bann jayiye te apnaa aap phchanye ke pita g ne ki updesh dittey ne
Ih sarkaar ne karva ya khalsa g nyee ta o’s officer ne uniform ch ihh kumm ni c karnaa ihh kartootaan kise hor dya ne